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At Creativia and PromoPrint Ltd, we are idea generators, we are innovators and we are partners!
PromoPrint specializes in the conception and production management of standard and custom promotional products. We’re happy to help you with traditional and sophiscated items such as pens, Powerbank, Wristbands, USB Flash drives, Diary, gift sets, etc but branded, creative solutions that amaze are our specialty.

Marketing materials are the first, and sometimes only, impression a potential customer has of your organization. Promotional products represent your brand when you are not there, acting as a reminder to your customer that you are available to serve them.

Call 0806 241 493 to order unique promotional products that are complimentary to your marketing objectives.

Our Unique Selling Point?

With Promoprint there is no standard products because we have a relationship with over a thousand factories across the globe. However we develop the products as per customer specification from the scratch. Everything from regular routine products to high end moulded and custom made products such as power bank, Flash Drives, bags, textile products, office accessories, utility plastic products, wooden products, brass/ metal products, acrylic products, crystal products, bags, we do it all !!!

All these can be printed, embossed, engraved, embroidered to suite your requirement.

We have the expertise and resources to bring your ideas to life. Try us today!.

For enquries please feel free to call us on +234 806 241 4993; 815 503 6356 or Email:

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